Why BioPRYNwild

Why BioPRYN®wild

The Benefits: Why should wildlife producers use BioPRYNwild?

  • BioPRYNwild is convenient:
    • Tests can be conducted according to the specific breeding season and management schedule of the herd
    • An electronic report can be emailed or faxed
  • Safe for developing pregnancies.
  • The test is 99% correct when animals are identified as open and 95 percent correct when identified as pregnant.
  • More convenient for animal handling than rectal palpation or ultrasound.
  • More cost-effective than rectal palpation or ultrasound.
  • Takes the guess work out of which females are bred, allowing more concise management.
  • Allows you and the veterinarian to concentrate on preventative medicine and treatment.
  • Confirms artificial insemination (AI) conception if female determined pregnant when male introduced 16 days post AI and blood drawn at 40-42 days post AI.
  • Allows producers to group does by AI versus follow-up bucks. This can assist in preventing older fawns from robbing milk from the smaller fawns.