Management Tips

Management Tips

Information on how wildlife owners incorporate BioPRYN® into their routines

Is BioPRYN right for my wildlife operation?

For most wildlife producers, identifying open females is a critical part of streamlining their herd reproductive program. Once females have been identified as open, they can be rebred, and management practices can be modified accordingly.

Using BioPRYN®wild assures accuracy, quality control, and is easy and convenient to administer. BioPRYNwild can improve a strategic reproductive management program.

Wildlife managers that live in locations not served by a veterinarian familiar with these types of animals have found tremendous value in the test.

Is it possible to handle whitetail does without fear of losing an embryo or fetus?

This was the question that has been the focal point of a Whitetail Deer research project conducted from October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012. The research was possible through a grant from the Cervid Livestock Foundation (CLF) and the contributions of several organizations and individuals who were interested in seeing the question of handling bred does answered. “Early and late gestation whitetail does embryo loss due to handling stress” Click here to download a copy of the paper.