“BioPRYN® has allowed us to do weekly pregnancy checks without involving a vet every week. We can continue to A.I. cows at all three dairy sites and pregnancy check all cows weekly without a vet visit. We are able to Resynch cows as early as 32 days since last heat and be assured that only the cows that are open need to be Resynched.”

– Jason Sheehan, J & K Dairy and Tony Veiga Dairy, Sunnyside, WA

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“We have an extensive flush program on about 12 of our cows on a regular basis. By drawing blood for pregnancy detection on the recipient cows at 30 to 35 days after we put the embryos in, it avoids palpating the animals at that critical stage.”

– Robert Smith, My Lady's Manor, MD

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“We have been using BioPRYN since March of 2008. I feel that BioPRYN is important to give me a head start on getting open cows bred back. I usually draw blood every Saturday morning, mail it off around noon, and have results by Tuesday or Wednesday. It is nice to have a test result as another tool in deciding if she is in heat or not.

I also use the BioPRYN test to reduce days open on cows and heifers. We vet check once a month and some animals that just missed a pregnancy check one month could reach up to 70 days since breeding before being checked again. BioPRYN allows me to preg check when it is convenient for me and made it so our vet did not have to clean up and drive to the heifers after checking the milk herd.

It helps to have the information in as quickly as possible to help with management decisions. I would recommend using BioPRYN as a tool to improve reproductive performance of any producers herd.”

-Rob Hull, Hull Dairy, Preston, Idaho

"We read an article about BioPRYN pregnancy test in a beef magazine and after doing a little research we decided to give it a try. The BioPRYN test has been so easy and economical for our operation since we started using it in 2005.

We pull blood on all the cows in our dairy herd about 40 days after breeding. We put our open cows on ovsynch and re-bleed the pregnant ones at the next check to make sure that they are still bred. All cows get bled before dry off. We bleed heifers in groups around 40 days after breeding.

All animals exposed to the bull in our beef herd are bled in the fall so we can cull open animals; this ensures that we do not have to feed them through the winter and endure that extra cost.

This technology has been a real money saver for us as we are 50 miles from our vet clinic. The mileage charge alone is $140. We can bleed the cows ourselves and send the blood in for a fraction of the cost. It is so much less stressful for the cows and the BioPRYN test is extremely accurate.”

-Jason and Heidi Preszler, Clay Hill Dairy, Roscoe, S.D.