Dairy Cattle Intro


BioPRYN is a useful technology for the reproductive management of Dairy cattle. In addition to being accurate and easy to use, BioPRYN is supported by industry experts educated in integrating the test to improve reproduction efficiencies. The BioPRYN test measures the presence of Pregnancy-Specific Protein B (PSPB) in the blood circulation of the animal, a protein only produced by the placenta of the growing fetus. Heifers and cows can be tested for pregnancy at 28 days or later, after breeding, and cows must be at least 73 days post-calving. BioTracking’s BioPRYN affiliate lab network makes this technology more readily accessible to producers and veterinarians– getting them what they need, fast.


This test combines the accurate, early pregnancy detection of the trusted, original BioPRYN blood pregnancy test, but now with same-day results. Like BioPRYN heifers and cows can be tested at 28 days or later, after breeding, but lactating cows must also be at least 90 days after calving.