Bison Management Tips

Management Tips

Is BioPRYN® right for my bison operation?

For bison producers, identifying open cows is a critical part of streamlining their herd reproductive program. Open cows can be more quickly identified, so that management may be adjusted in response to their reproductive status. Every day that pregnancy detection is delayed also delays the speed at these options can be considered, and leads to longer calving seasons.

BioPRYN is accurate, easy and convenient to use. Using BioPRYN in conjunction with a reproductive program also can improve pregnancy rate of a bison herd.

Bison producers that live in locations not served by a veterinarian willing to do palpation in bison have found tremendous value in the test.

One of the strongest aspects of BioPRYN is its ability to accurately identify open cows. Research has shown that the test is more than 99 percent accurate in identifying open cows if breeding takes place more than 30 days after last calving.

The BioPRYN report specifies one of three categories: open, pregnant, or recheck. If open, the cow should be managed for prompt rebreeding. If pregnant, it is recommended that the cow be rechecked 60-70 days post-breeding, only to confirm early embryonic death loss does not occur. BioPRYN pregnancy testing fits well within a seasonal schedule for working bison that can quickly be integrated into the herd’s normal cow flow.