The BioPRYN assay has been commercially available for nearly 10 years. BioPRYN is the proven world leader in blood-based pregnancy testing. Applications of this technology have been documented in scientific and veterinary based publications since 1985.

The Benefits: Why should beef producers use BioPRYN®?

  • BioPRYN is convenient:
    • Tests conducted according to cattle working schedule.
    • An electronic report may be downloaded into a beef cattle management program.
    • No on-farm handling of testing data.
  • More cost-effective than rectal palpation.
  • Allows the veterinarian to concentrate on preventative medicine and treatment when called upon.

Value of early pregnancy detection

A delay in rebreeding will increase the number of days a cow is open and extend the length of the calving season.

Implementing a controlled breeding season using BioPRYN that results in a tight calving window of 90 days or less has several advantages:

  • Reduced cattle working days for vaccinating and weaning
  • Marketing a consistent calf crop
  • Optimized winter feeding program

University experts have determined the cost savings associated with shorter breeding seasons. Results from Arkansas Beef Improvement Program (ABIP) Breeding and Calving Season demonstrations from the University of Arkansas report that reduced breeding season led to:

  • Average calving season decreased from 282 to 100 days
  • Direct cost per animal unit decreased 32 percent ($180 to $122)
  • Herd break-even cost decreased 38 percent ($.50 to $.31 per pound)
  • Shortening the breeding season, and thus the calving season to 90 days can also increase calf weaning weights. In addition to these efficiencies gained, the more uniform calf crop can be sold at a higher price.