“Our cows are synched 60 days after calving and put with a bull. We check them for pregnancy using BioPRYN at 30 to 60 days after going in with a bull. I don't use a veterinarian for preg checking cows at all as blood testing is easy, reliable and cost effective.

This program has benefited our operation by keeping our cows safe from injury. Using the BioPRYN test assures our cows don't get hurt from drawing blood compared to a veterinarian preg checking them. Our crazy cows also have a chance of hurting my veterinarian in the process. The cost of BioPRYN testing is a benefit to our operation as well. We like being able to mail the samples the same day, taken with no ice or special treatment. We recommend BioPRYN because it is simple and reliable.”

- Jesse Pettigrew, Broken Slash P Rodeo Co., Casa Grande, Ariz.

“We started using BioPRYN several years ago after a couple of vets refused to palpate our small Dexter cattle fearing their arms were too big and after varying results which proved far less accurate than the simple, more economical BioPRYN test.

Our whole livelihood depends on our cows and the calves that they carry. BioPRYN allows us to have accurate, quick pregnancy test results without worrying about stress or possible damage to the cow or fetus.

We wean when the calves turn approximately 90 days old and that is when we preg check the dams. We pull samples on heifers right at 30 days, and if not settled, at 45 days and again at 60 days if need be. We use it to market our cows and sell them as bred, giving the buyer the written results from BioTracking. Once in a while we will have a cow that does not settle as quickly as she should. The BioPRYN test is quick, accurate and affordable so that we can pull consecutive tests throughout a time period to track her closely and see if she needs to be culled or checked for a treatable medical issue that is preventing her from settling.

We do farm tours and consulting for other Dexter Breeders (or potential Dexter Breeders) and always, without hesitation, recommend this test.”

- Sally Coad, Freedom Farms LLC, Philadelphia, Tenn.

I first read about BioPRYN in the Angus Journal and thought it would be a great service to offer our customers. We are in an underserved area by large animal vets and we provide cattle services including pregnancy testing for our customers both purebred and commercial. Our purebred customers like to use it on recipients so they can short cycle the open cows back and re-synchronize them for another round of embryo transfer (ET). Our purebred customers like to be able to put cattle in sales and guarantee them bred just 30 days post artificial insemination (AI), with no danger to the fetus that is caused by palpation or ultrasound pregnancy detection. Producers love getting a report back printed out and concise.

I love being able to call BioTracking and talk to someone I know is an owner, or employee with their “hands on” the situation. I have never felt like a number and they have gone out of their way to work with me so I can serve my customers better. I cannot say enough good things about their customer service and people!

- Scott Sell, Quail Ridge AG and Milling, Sylvania, GA